Man, it's like a SAUNA in here!                              

Cedar Saunas

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Woodchucker saunas come with a variety of options. We create our saunas to suit your specific needs. We do not manufacture cookie cutter saunas; rather, we take the time to listen to your wish list and then create your own unique sauna. We design the sauna lay-out, taking into consideration where your sauna location will be. We ask the questions that matter most: What direction do you want the exterior door to face? When you are sitting on the top sauna bench, do you want to look out to see the lake or your cottage property? Do you want to feed the wood-stove from the side or back of the sauna? Do you want an exterior light near the wood-stove, to make night loading brighter? Do you want a deck with wrap around cedar benches off the front or side of your sauna ? Do you want the shower option included, to make it more comfortable for sauna goers who aren't brave enough to jump into the lake in June.    

One of the best features of a Woodchucker sauna is the change-room which comes standard on all of our saunas, excluding the 8' x 8' model. A change-room is an absolute necessity for a sauna at the lake. The change-room allows you to trek down to the sauna in a snowsuit in February, and have a sanctuary to change into your sauna fatigues. The change-room has marine carpeting which is easy to vacuum. So the sand from the beach will stay near the water, and not be tracked all over your cottage by the kids. The change-room is also a great place to relax in, and enjoy the after sauna sensation. Our sauna change-rooms come with a 9 lite exterior door, 2 screened windows that open, electrical option with lights and outlet for the radio, a cedar sitting bench and corner shelves to store your sauna necessities and eucalyptus oil on.

The sauna room itself is the heart of the sauna. Our sauna rooms are designed in the great Finnish tradition. Sauna-ing is a way of life in Finland, and an important social activity. Our sauna rooms are insulated and have a vapour barrier as well. The floor has a concrete base and floor drain. Airflow is an incredibly important concept in any sauna room. Our saunas have a fresh air intake vent on the floor and an air exchange vent on the ceiling. What this does is allows fresh air to be drawn into the sauna room, is heated, and then exhausts out of the roof vent on the sauna. The sauna is continually heating fresh air. This makes breathing inside the sauna room much easier, even for sauna-goers who suffer from asthma. Proper air circulation within the sauna room is incredibly important. This is another sauna feature that sets us apart from our competition. 

We offer options for your sauna room. You can choose 2 or 3 benches for the sauna room. Our benches are made of cedar   2" x 3" and are a width of about 19". We use 2" x 3" boards so that air can circulate freely between the benches. The benefit of the top bench (where the Fins like to sit) is being able to enjoy the hottest air in the sauna room, and experience a real deep sweat. The middle bench is enjoyed by those who like a good sweat without the inferno heat. The kids will love the lower bench, at least until they get brave enough to take it up a notch. Remember, if it gets too hot - go jump in the lake!    

The heat source on all of our saunas is a woodstove. We manufacture all of our woodstoves. Our woodstoves are designed to load from the exterior of the sauna. This allows you to keep your woodpile behind the sauna and out of the way. The stove is also able to draft outdoor oxygen, allowing it to heat up hotter and more quickly. The stove chimney pipe exhausts through the roof. This enables the sauna room to benefit from all of the heat coming off of the chimney pipe. With a Woodchucker woodstove, the sauna room can heat up to 160 Fahrenheit in about 30 minutes!

The shower is another fantastic option for a Woodchucker sauna. The shower is located inside the sauna room. It is connected to your water source using a standard garden hose. The lower tap is for filling sauna buckets. We have also designed saunas using a barrel water reservoir to feed the shower. The shower is a great way to cool down after a hot sauna. Because the shower is in the sauna room, the shower water is warm because it is naturally heated. The shower is also great for those who are not brave enough to go jump in the lake, or if there is no lake to go jump into.

Windows are a great feature in our saunas. Some people can feel claustrophobic in a traditional sauna room. That is not an issue in a Woodchucker sauna, because we install 2 windows in all of our sauna rooms. This allows natural light to come in. Cottagers will also get to enjoy the view of their property landscape, from the comfort of the sauna bench. Enjoy looking out at the lake, or the fire-pit, or the dock, or the cottage, or what-ever features make your retreat unique. A diamond window in the cedar sauna door is another option on a Woodchucker cedar sauna.

We use 1/2" live edge cedar boards on the exterior and interior of our saunas. We fabricate the windows and doors ourselves from our cedar. We mill all of the cedar for our saunas on our portable saw mill. We stain our saunas with 3 coats of the Sikkens stain application. Our saunas are portable, which means you can move them if you ever needed to. Our portable saunas can also be set up lake-side. We can deliver our beautiful cedar saunas anywhere, and the sooner you order - the sooner you can be relaxing in your very own Woodchucker cedar sauna. 

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