Cedar Hot Tubs make a great addition to any
cottage, camp, cabin, retreat or back-yard .

Cedar Hot Tubs

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Discover the wonders of hot water therapy in a Cedar Hot Tub.

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Woodchuckers Mnfg. hand-crafts beautiful cedar hot tubs. Our cedar tubs come in a variety of sizes from the 4' (2 person) to the 8' (10 person). All hot tubs come with a stainless steel woodstove, that sits directly inside the hot tub. This enables the water to heat up faster, and allows the water temperature to get much hotter than a traditional electric hot tub. Why is that a good thing? Because we live in Canada! When you are enjoying a nice relaxing hot tub on a crisp January evening, when the   air temperature is 20 degrees below 0; which tub would you rather be in? A fairly warm electric hot tub, or a cedar tub that is hot enough to boil lobsters! That is the wonderful advantage of a wood-heated cedar hot tub from Woodchuckers. You can get the water temperature as hot as you like. When the desired water temperature is achieved, simply close down the oxygen intake valves on the stainless steel woodstove - to maintain the desired water temperature. 

There are numerous benefits of our cedar hot tubs compared to traditional electric hot tubs. The greatest benefit is that you do not require hydro! Imagine operating a hot tub without having to pay an expensive hydro bill. Our cedar hot tubs are perfect for cottages, camps, cabins, retreats or properties that are off the grid. We regularly deliver our hot tubs to island locations; who are off the grid and have water access only. If you only have boat access into your island retreat, it is easy to bring in and set-up a Woodchucker cedar hot tub because they can be disassembled, and then re-assembled on-site. The staves (wall boards) are moulded to fit tightly into each other. As the hot tub is filled with water and the water is heated with a lit stove; the cedar staves will swell creating a water tight cedar tub. By purchasing an insulated hot tub lid, you can protect your hot tub from debris; as well as, speed up the time it takes to heat your cedar hot tub (kind of like putting a lid on a boiling pot of water).

Another benefit of our cedar hot tubs is that they can be moved when needed to. Our empty hot tubs can be lifted and relocated fairly easily with 3 people. Some cottagers will trailer their cedar hot tub when heading to the lake for the weekend. The cottager can then bring their hot tub back with them on Sunday; and enjoy using their hot tub during the week at their house. Experience the freedom of being able to move and relocate your hot tub when and where you want to with a Woodchucker cedar hot tub.

Cedar hot tubs do not require harmful chemicals to control ph levels. The concept behind the cedar hot tub is to fill and use the hot tub when needed, and drain it when done. Why would you want to keep heating stale water in an electric hot tub when you are not using it? This is why a Woodchucker cedar hot tub is a perfect fit at the lake. You simply fill it with lake water when using, and drain it when done. Chemicals do not need to be used in a cedar hot tub because the water can be changed regularly. A cedar hot tub is the natural way to enjoy hot water therapy.

Our cedar hot tubs can also be customized. Wrap around bench seating is included on all tubs. Our cedar benches are wide and comfortable. Our cedar hot tubs are also deep - 40". Even the tall population can get a deep soak up to their necks in our hot tubs. Stove guards are standard too, and several styles available. There is a tub drain which comes in different sizes. The 3/4" garden hose size and the 1 1/2" fire hose size (for quick draining). Cedar stairs are a great option for hot tubs that are sitting directly on the ground. A cedar hot tub lid is also a great way to protect the hot tub from leaves, grass and other debris from mother nature. Lastly, our unique hot tub beer buddies are a must for those who may want to enjoy a cold beverage while relaxing in their cedar hot tub. These removable drink holders clip onto the side of the hot tub, and can face inside the hot tub or outside. They can be positioned anywhere along the top of the hot tub and can hold bottles, cans and even wine glasses.  

Woodchucker Cedar Hot Tub Sizes:


4' (2 person) Cedar Hot Tub:

This is our smallest hot tub and ideal for 2 people. The small size of this tub allows the water to heat very quickly. This is our most romantic tub. The perfect hot tub at the lake for couples.

5' (4 person) Cedar Hot Tub:

This is our mid-size hot tub, ideal for about 3 - 4 people. Small enough that it can be moved easily if you want to change locations. The perfect cottage addition for small families.

6' (6 person) Cedar Hot Tub:

Our most popular cedar hot tub! This is the ideal size hot tub for 4 - 6 people. Heats up quickly and comfortably. Can still be maneuvered easily if you wanted to change locations. The perfect cedar hot tub at your lake retreat for the family and your guests too. 

7' (8 person) Cedar Hot Tub:

The party hot tub if there ever was one. The 7 footer is a big hot tub that is designed to accommodate up to 8 adults. This is the perfect hot tub for the cottagers who regularly receive company, both expected and unexpected.

8' (10 person) Cedar Hot Tub:

The mega-tub! This is a gargantuan cedar hot tub that  comfortably sits 10 adults. Planning a family reunion or a weekend getaway for the boys, then this is the cedar hot tub you need. Just make sure the radio is a safe distance away from the tub!  

10' (12 person) Cedar Hot Tub:

The largest cedar hot tub on the planet. Truthfully, we have never actually built one of these goliaths. But we are always up to the challenge. So if you order one these beautiful cedar tubs, you will have the only 10 footer in the world!


We have shipped our incredible cedar hot tubs as far as the coast of Newfoundland. We can ship and set these hot tubs up anywhere. So if you are ready to order your own cedar hot tub, call 1-705-266-0269 or e-mail: woodchuckers@yahoo.ca or come by our shop in Timmins, On. at 2069 Jaguar Dr.