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              Our Story

Woodchuckers Manufacturing is a value-added cedar sawmill. We purchase cedar logs, and mill them into lumber which we use in all of our beautiful cedar products. We began by making Muskoka chairs and picnic tables out of a small garage in 1995. Over the years we continued improving our products and kept growing our product list. We started making cedar saunas in 1999 to accommodate a customers request. This has become a reoccurring theme with Woodchuckers. We create products for our customers that they can't find anywhere else. We will design and handcraft all of our products using the cedar boards we cut on our portable saw-mill . We now have over 50 different cedar products in our repetoir.

Our sawmill is the heart of our operations. We sell cedar lumber locally, and use all the by-product of the cedar log. All of the lumber milled from the cedar log will either be used in our products, or sold to customers. The bark from the logs is stripped, chipped and sold locally to be used as cedar mulch in gardens. All sawdust and shavings are bagged and sold to local farms; which is used in barns. All of the slabs from our milling operations are sold as firewood. Our scrap pieces of cedar from production are sold as kindling. We try to run as efficiently as possible, by using all of the cedar log.

Our Workshop is the base of our production operations. We handcraft every cedar product from scratch. This takes time and patience, but we feel the end result is worthwhile. We take pride in our craftsmanship, and are always up for a challenge. Our philosophy is if we can't build it out of cedar, it can't be done.

The majority of our products are built in our shop and then delivered to our customers. We have shipped hot tubs to the coast of Newfoundland and delivered saunas to Manitoulin Island. On occasion, we will build our projects on site; when delivering is not a possibility. We will do whatever is necessary to ensure that our customers get the products they were dreaming of. We understand that you are spending your hard earned money on something you will really love, and we work tirelessly to ensure that we exceed your expectations.

At Woodchuckers, we love what we do - and it shows. We want to earn your business, so if you have any questions about our cedar products; please call us anytime. My business philosophy is simple: "If I am awake - I am open for business." So I look forward to hearing from you.

Keep on Chuck'in,

Kevin Mulligan


Woodchuckers Manufacturing


e-mail: woodchuckers@yahoo.ca

2069 Jaguar Dr.

Timmins, On.